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Site development business card:

Corporate website – it’s a smart solution for promoting your business. The site is available for redesign, and expanding functionality by any web-developer. The main result we strive for is your success.

Most users are not used to waiting. We will provide a high loading speed for your business card site.

On most smart devices, the site will look neat, without loss of functionality.

If you are engaged in providing several services or selling different products. For the best promotion it is necessary to place them on different landing pages. We will do what is best for you.

We will teach you how to use the site in a convenient format. Online, in person or with instruction.

The benefits of a corporate website for business?

The price of a business card site. How is it formed?

По-сути, это одно и тоже. Но некоторые компании и предприятия взаимодействуют, например с государственными органами. И очень удобно иметь на своем сайте информацию которую они с легкостью могли бы получить.

Site business card is available for easy additions and updates of information by your own efforts.

Ability to place atmospheric photos and other materials to attract new employees or customers.

Some products, services and queries is better to promote in their native language. But you should understand that in some regions, the site in another language is also in demand, and over time, this percentage will not decrease much, and the percentage of use, such as English, will only increase.

The level of analysis is an important step in determining the company’s future position.

A very good option for a corporate site is to add news. About the company itself, or your focus, for example the real estate market, if your activity corresponds to it.

Depends on the subject and the wishes of the customer.

Stages of full-stack development of a corporate website

Agreement of the layout with the client and domain registration, hosting
Competitor research
Creating a website design
Configuring the control system and logic
Filling a business card site
Connecting modules for SEO
Transferring the site to the client

We develop corporate websites

It differs from a business card site in its greater volume, more complex logic and functionality. On such a resource, you can lay out the necessary information for the bank, founding documents, and instructions for your clients, which they will be able to download. Planned budgets, quality certificates, if they are needed. And much more.

Order the development of a business card site with us:

Website business card company is primarily a convenience for the client

Information about your company, in a convenient form for the client. Offer the user to see all the advantages of your business over your competitors. A beautiful and modern business card website will demonstrate it perfectly. Add sliders, with a list of services and prices. Describe and get new customers for free. Attach an interactive Google map with the location and contacts of the company on the map. A Frequently Asked Questions and Feedback box, give customers the opportunity to get closer to your company.

We create inexpensive corporate websites

From private entrepreneur or small company, to large enterprise, website business card will improve position and image in the market. Your site which allows you to quickly change all the information, data and contacts for the convenience of customers. Allow you to expand the geography of activities on the basis of applications from other cities. And if you already have offices or branches in other cities, you can place separate pages, with a description of the differences in products or services that are specific to these regions.

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