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Order a landing page:

A landing page, or as it is also called a one-page website, is most often ordered if there is a service, course, or product that is relevant at the moment.

The landing page itself is aimed at encouraging the client to take the necessary action. It should contain all the necessary information for the visitor to become a potential client. Often, such sites have buttons such as ORDER, SUBSCRIBE, BUY.

Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the actions that will lead from clicking on an ad to ordering a particular product or service.

It doesn’t matter where your site is viewed, from a monitor, smartphone or tablet. The landing page will look great on any device and modern browser.

Potential customers will be able to ask questions or order goods online. Having formed a database, you can promote goods or services that will interest the client.

Very often, one-page websites are used for different purposes. We are focused on continuing our work and will be happy to help you create a landing page again. That’s why we keep our prices quite reasonable.

Let’s connect the module for website traffic analytics.

Why order a landing page?

How is the price of creating a landing page determined?

Connecting an online payment module on the landing page. Ability to choose a payment option.

The client chooses how he wants to receive the goods. Pickup, targeted delivery, or connecting a delivery module, for example, from any service.

Availability of a consulting chat, through which you or a hired employee will answer questions or take orders.

If you have a product that is in demand in different countries, you can add languages and set up contextual advertising for different versions of your website. This is very beneficial when you need to determine the market for further promotion.

For greater customer engagement, you can add the ability to comment from Facebook or link an Instagram page.

It depends on the theme and the customer’s wishes.

Stages of creating a landing page

Design approval with the client, domain and hosting registration
Analysis of the target audience
Design development
Setting up the control system
Module for SEO
Transferring the landing page to the client
Landing page for arbitrators

Very often, such sites are used for traffic arbitrage (an intermediary action for which an employee receives a percentage by bringing a client to the target site).

We offer to save your time and, if you need to develop a landing page, outsource this work to us.

Замовляйте створення лендінгу у нас:

A profitable solution for a website is a landing page

The global online sales market has grown tremendously in recent years, and there is no reason for it to decline in the future.

Ordering a landing page and using this type of site correctly can significantly improve the sale of any product. Attract listeners to trainings, concerts and other events. Announce the release of something new, wrapping it in the wrapper you want.

The landing page is aimed at getting the client to leave his or her data, which you can use to build a database of potential customers. Such sites are difficult to promote, but most often it is not necessary, usually advertising is used for this purpose.

We create inexpensive landing pages

Everyone can afford to order a landing page inexpensively. Such a site will help you develop a site with a high conversion rate in a short time.

Landing pages created on WordPress are favorably distinguished by the fact that you can independently replace text and images on the site in order to start promoting another service or product. This will save you money that you can spend on advertising.

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