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Why order the creation of an online store:

If you are in the business of selling goods, in today’s environment ordering an online store will be a huge competitive advantage. Full functionality is also necessary. The most convenient administration panel for today. High level of protection. Ability to manage the roles of employees. Mobile version, basic optimization for search engines. Also, each site is available for quick design changes and refinement by any web developer.

Online store, will look great not only on the laptop monitor, but also on smartphones, tablets and other modern smart devices.

Site administration is done through a user-friendly interface. There is a separate editing window for each page, article, product and other elements.

The correct description of products for promotion in search engines. Statistical analysis.

We will make an online store and place it on the hosting convenient for you. We are ready to help at any stage. Tips, suggestions and solutions.

Advantages of ecommerce development

What affects the price of developing an online store?

In addition to transferring money to the card, the connection of various online payment modules (eg PayPal).

Possibility to pick up the goods yourself, address delivery, choice of post office.

The presence of a chat room through which you or a hired employee will advise and answer questions from those who will be interested in buying.

It is assumed that when searching for a product, if you have for example a large dimensional grid, you can do sorting by size. This is quite a time-consuming task, and is paid separately to order.

Here everything is clear, making a site to order, also depends on the number of pages to be created, categories and products.

Depends on the subject and the wishes of the customer.

Stages of the development ecommerce website

Coordinate the task with the client and register a domain and hosting
Market and competitor analysis
Design development
Implementation of functionality and configuration of the control system
Basic filling
Setting up promotion modules (SEO)
You get the online store and all access

Order an inexpensive and efficient online store on WooComerce

Constant system and security updates, user-friendly interface and plugins to improve the site. You get your own website with which you can perform absolutely any actions. For example, the creation of online stores on the constructor can not boast of this, the site is yours, as long as you pay. Many features are available only at extra cost. And you can not move it. If this online constructor disappears from the market of your country, then be prepared to say goodbye to the created online store.

Why us?

The modern solution - the online store

The global online market has recently increased by 70 percent. Therefore, the development and creation of an online store is an integral part of modern business. With the right description of the product, its characteristics, usability and competitive price you will be able to convince users to buy from your online store.

The perfect solution for small businesses

Even a private entrepreneur or a small company that sells its products both in retail and wholesale can afford to order the development of an online store. It is also a great solution for those who are engaged in dropshipping. In the network of a huge number of tips on how to make money on this.

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