Construction and Real Estate

Order a website for a property

You can count on an attentive attitude and a high level of service

Integration with Google Maps

Potential customers will be much easier to find you.

Always available

Invest time, effort, and money in something that will always be yours. Social media is good, but your own site won't get blocked, it won't go out of trend and it's always available to customers.


Own site of the construction company or real estate agency, allows you to stand out from competitors.

Full info

All necessary information, including the list of services, price list and other information is available to the client. You no longer need to be distracted by each client just for a consultation.

What do we offer for construction and real estate clients?

If you're already on this page, we can help you make this step easy.

Image Enhancement

Improve your image as a construction company, realtor, real estate agency. If you will have your own website, it's a plus for a potential client. And the owner himself can place information about himself, his experience, or team, their qualifications and areas of activity, for example.

SEO optimization for real estate

Attract new clients to your city from search engines. Every day, thousands of customers search for realtor and real estate on the Google search engine. Therefore, such an investment can quickly pay off when you get new clients.


Your site, you can always improve, and do not restrain yourself in functionality, unlike social networks. React to all trends. Set up advertising from any site. Make links to your social networks. Add QR codes to business cards.

Maintenance and technical support of the site

We take full responsibility for all technical aspects. From development to the appearance of the created site in the network. Also we accompany your site, make backups, necessary updates, change and add necessary information, etc.

Who will it work for?

We create various websites both for large construction companies and real estate agencies, as well as for personal use by realtors and professionals in the field of repair and construction. Our sites are created for entrepreneurs and owners who want to demonstrate their experience and professionalism in their lines of business. The site provides easy access to information and allows you to convey it to customers in a convenient way

In today’s environment, it’s beneficial for everyone:

  • Developers;
  • Construction companies;
  • Architects;
  • Landscape designers;
  • Repairmen;
  • Real Estate Agencies;
  • Realtors.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, so it is important to adapt to change. Creating a personal website can help with this and such a website can be an important tool in promoting your activities and attracting new clients.

It doesn’t matter where your site will be viewed from, a monitor, smartphone or tablet. The created site will look great on any device and modern browser.

Potential customers will be able to leave their questions or order a service online. Once you have a database of customers, you can offer promotions or special offers from time to time that will interest the customer.

We aim to continue to work, and will be happy to help in the development and maintenance of the site. That’s why we leave the prices adequate.

Connect the module for site analytics, and advertising integrations.

What is included in the cost of website development for construction and real estate?

  • Installing a CMS to manage the site;
  • Creating a website design;
  • According to your wishes is the development of structure and functionality;
  • Layout and adaptation for mobile devices and modern browsers;
  • Filling the content provided (photos, social media, texts, contacts and any other information);
  • Connecting analytics, if necessary;
  • We’ll put the site on hosting (to make it available);
  • Work on promotion and support (at the request of the client).
What pages should be on the website of developers and real estate agents?

In addition to the main page, there are other pages worth paying attention to, so that the client was easier to navigate and find the necessary information, and you promote your site in the city and increase the customer base.

  • “About Us.” On this page you can write about yourself and your experience, what exactly you do;
  • “Contacts. Specify telephone numbers, social networking links and messengers for the client to contact you. Add a feedback button;
  • “Services.” Describe exactly what services you provide. It is also often advantageous to make separate pages for individual services. This is important for promotion in search queries;
  • “Price.” For many people this is a necessity. The client wants to understand what service costs how much, without calling the administrator;
  • “Team and Certificates.” If it is a real estate agency;
  • “Promotions and special offers” – optional.

Search engines, such as Google, like sites with more pages, they are much easier to promote.
Also for every site you need a domain (this address / site name), so it is worth thinking about it in advance and make sure the address is free, and hosting (a place where the site is stored).

We develop professional websites for builders and developers

We understand that developing a website for the construction industry requires a special approach, so we work with you to understand your needs 100 percent and develop a website that best meets your business requirements.
Our websites have:

  • Simple and clear navigation menu, which will help customers to find the necessary information about your company and services;
  • Functionality of the call order, which will allow customers to easily contact you and get advice on any issues;
  • Portfolio of projects, which will help ensure the quality of your work and professionalism in the field of construction;
  • Integration with social networks, which will help your company keep in touch with customers and attract new audiences;
  • We also offer SEO optimization services so that the site has the highest position in search engines and easily found by your target audience.

With your own website, you can create a strong online presence for your construction services. You can easily showcase your previously completed and future real estate projects to a wide audience.

We create sites for real estate and realtors

The cost of an online presence is lower today than ever before. Creating a real estate website means access to more potential customers, and it’s very inexpensive.
About 90 percent of customers, look for those who can help them is on the Internet. Without a website, your business will be virtually invisible to a very large number of users. Conversely, having a website is cost-effective advertising that makes your real estate business easily accessible to anyone who does a quick Internet search. They want to know the ins and outs, of interacting with realtors.

Gain trust. Like any other business, trust is very important in real estate. Home sellers want to know that you can maximize the value of their property and sell it in a short period of time, while buyers want to be confident that a realtor can help them acquire the perfect apartment at the lowest possible price. With a website, you can prove it!
Realtor and your own brand.
You may argue that you don’t need the added expense of a website because your agency provides the necessary framework of work, but nothing lasts forever. What happens if you leave this real estate agency? Personal branding in real estate is very important. You will need to stand out from the competition, and attract clients specifically from your city.
By the way … promoting your own services in a particular city, is much easier, and the first pages of search engines, can be yours.

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