Prices for websites

Price: from 300 USD.

Introduce your business, product or services to potential customers. Describe, tell, demonstrate, convince them that you are better. Some things you can’t do on social media. You’re already doing great. We suggest you take the next step;


Price: from 500 USD.

Everything is very easy and fast. If you are in sales, and you want more customers. The best option would be to create an online store or product catalog. Add categories, products,  put a price and earn.


Price: from 150 USD.

The goal of the branding is to focus the user on one offer (a service, a product, an event). All information calls for action – buy, come. Perfect  for courses, master classes, selling a certain product (e.g. apple, the latest model). Sometimes a good option for a business card site.


Price: from 200 USD.

A large gallery through which customers will be able to consider the talent and choose you, rather than competitors from social networks, where it is impossible to lay out a photo without loss of quality. And advertising companies will be able to see high-quality photos of their future model. The best option for photographers, videographers, models, actors, musicians. Or even a creative gift.


The cost of promotion in search engines

Price: individually.

Writing text, articles and other content. Selection of keywords to promote the site in search engines. Advertising in social networks (Instagram, Facebook).


Cost of website maintenance

Price: individual.

All new customers who have ordered the site, can apply for advice. Correction of errors and defects is absolutely free. If you do not have time, we will help you to maintain the site. You can also choose any hosting, which will be your created website.


Price of ready-made sites

Usually, it takes from one week to a month to complete the task, depending on the complexity and content. We have ready-made solutions that will help you save time and present how the website design will look like, the cost of such sites is lower. Of course, you can also provide any images, photos, texts to fill the content.

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