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Order a website for a beauty salon

You can count on an attentive attitude and a high level of service

Integration with Google Maps

Potential customers will be much easier to find you.

Always available

Invest time, effort, and money in something that will always be yours. Social media is good, but your own site won't get blocked, it won't go out of trend and it's always available to customers.


Your own website for a beauty salon, allows you to stand out from the competition.

Full info

All necessary information, including the list of services, price list and other information is available to the client. You no longer need to be distracted by each client just for a consultation.

What do we offer?

If you're already on this page, we can help you make this step easy.

Image Enhancement

Improve the image of your beauty salon. If the beauty salon has its own website, it's a plus for a potential client. And the owner himself can post information about the staff, their qualifications and diplomas, for example.

SEO optimization of a website for a beauty salon

Attract new customers to your city from search engines. Every day, thousands of customers search for beauty salons in the search engine "Google". Therefore, this investment will be recouped when you get new regular customers.


Your site, you can always improve, and do not restrain yourself in the vision of functionality, unlike social networks. React to all trends. Set up advertising from any site. Make links to your social networks. Add QR codes to your business cards.

Maintenance and technical support

We take care of all technical aspects. From development to appearance in the network. Also we accompany your site, make backups, necessary updates, change and add necessary information and so on.

Who's it good for?

We create both large websites for beauty salons and personal sites for masters of any profile who want to demonstrate their high image and professionalism.

In today’s environment, it’s beneficial for everyone:

  • SPA salons;
  • Masters of nail service;
  • Masseurs;
  • Hair Care Masters;
  • Eyebrows;
  • Makeup artists;
  • Cosmetologists;
  • Stylists.

The beauty industry doesn’t stand still. That’s why it’s important to react to changes in the right way. And it is a personal website that will help you do just that.

Most users will search for you from their smartphone, so our sites have an adaptive design that will look great on both the monitor screen and the phone. And also on all modern browsers.

When your business starts to bring in more income, your staff and client base increase, you will be able to quickly expand the capabilities of your site. For example, by connecting to it a CRM system.

We are determined to show you all the advantages of creating your own website for a beauty salon. That is why we have set adequate prices, so that you are not afraid to try and go further.

You don’t have to depend on all kinds of blockages and restrictions. Any social network can run into problems, or withdraw from the market, change the functionality you used and needed. That won’t happen with your own site!

What is included in the cost of website development for the beauty industry?

  • Installing a CMS for content management on the site;
  • Creating a website design;
  • According to your wishes is the development of structure and functionality;
  • Layout and adaptation for mobile devices and modern browsers;
  • Filling the content provided (photos, social media, texts, contacts and any other information);
  • Connecting analytics, if necessary;
  • Let’s put the site on hosting (to make it available);
  • Work on promotion and support (at the request of the client).
What pages should be on the website of a beauty salon, to make it easier to promote?

In addition to the main page, there are other pages worth paying attention to, so that the client was easier to navigate and find the necessary information, and you promote your site in the city.

  • “About Us”. On this page you can write about yourself or about your salon, when it opened and what services it provides, perhaps a make-up studio, massage, hair care salon, and others. Highlight its advantages, to tell that your salon has long held a leading position in their city, or vice versa just opened and offer customers something new;
  • “Contacts. Specify telephone numbers, social networking links and messengers for the client to contact you. Add a feedback button;
  • “Services”. Specify exactly what services your salon provides. It is also often advantageous to make separate pages for individual services. This is very advantageous for promotion in search queries;
  • “Price.” This is very important for many people. The client wants to understand what service costs how much, without calling the administrator;
  • “Team and Certificates;
  • “The Gallery. Demonstrate the work of your own or your masters;
  • “Promotions and special offers” – optional.

Some of them can be combined.

Search engines, such as Google, like sites with many pages, and by the way they are easier to promote.

Also, each site needs a domain (this address / site name), so it is worth to think of him in advance and make sure the address is free, as well as hosting (a place where the site is stored).

Tender and bright sites for a beauty studio

Today, with digital marketing constantly evolving, an online presence is a must. Otherwise, you will lose a huge number of potential customers who are critical to any business, including the beauty industry.

Self-development of the site for his beauty studio, will certainly be the cheapest solution if you think only about the investment of money. But besides the development itself and the time spent, there are points that are ahead of time is very difficult to calculate. And the effectiveness of your site will depend on all factors, from the design to the fine-tuning of hosting and security.

If you are ready to take your business seriously, SiTeSToreX will help you develop a website. Since you are creating a beauty salon website, your needs will be somewhat different from other resources. We take all these aspects into consideration, as well as all your wishes.

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